A Mid-Century Modern Marvel: Les, Tyler, and the Arrival of Stella

Nestled at the edge of Virginia Beach's iconic Woodhurst neighborhood, Les and Tyler Frankel took on a challenge that many considered a hard-pass. But honestly, you'd really never know it because what was once an uninhabitable fixer-upper straight out of a TV show, has now been transformed into a home so fabulous it seems as if it was plucked from the set of Mad Men and then "jujjed" by The Fab Five. The fact that you can now walk in the front door and feel instantly motivated to explore every nook is a testament to the couple's unwavering dedication (although they're far too easy going to let on about how demanding the 10 month process must have been). Cheerfulness is another immediate feeling upon entry. There's anticipation of a new chapter in the air with the arrival of their daughter, Stella, due in November.